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Welcome to Florabunda Seeds

Whether you are an avid gardener or just beginning to get your hands dirty, we are sure you will enjoy selecting from our wide variety of heirloom and unusual flower, vegetable and herb seeds. You may see a very few variety of vegetables that are hybrid and they are noted as such. Most of our seeds have been organically grown, but are not organically certified. We package by measurement and our seed counts are approximate. We ensure that every package contains a very generous seed count. You may even find you will have seeds to share. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website.

Thank you for choosing Florabunda Seeds. We are growing and are glad to have you as our growing partner! Our hope is for you to experience success and joy with your gardening ventures. Your letters, stories, suggestions and photos are a joy to receive.

Happy Gardening
Dirk Berghout

Purchase a gift certificate for the avid gardener on your list.

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Our stock availability is kept current, however you may see some varieties indicated as - 

- OUT OF STOCK = We are currently working on filling stock 

- UNAVAILABLE = Variety will not be  available for the 2024 season

Continue to check back as we will update our website as soon as varieties become available.

We thank you for you understainding   Dirk



NEW  FOR 2023-2024 Season 

more to come in the near future

FRAGRANT ANNUAL -  Nicotiana - Sensation Mix


ANNUAL -  Baby Black Eyes,   Sunflower-Moulin Rouge,   Larkspure-Scarlet Spire,   Aster-Tall Mix, California Poppy-Mission Bells,   Malva-Tall Mallow Mix,  Flax-Bright Eyes,   Nicotiana Mixed, Nasturtium-Black Velvet,  Daisy - African Mixed

VEGETABLES - Lettuce-Baby Leaf Blend,  Tomato - Old German, Cucumber - Telegraph

HOLLYHOCK Indian Spring Althaea roseaWhat makes our seeds so popular with gardeners?
A leader in heirloom seeds, gardeners can count on Florabunda Seeds for:
  • A high germination rate
  • Generous seed quantities per package ("spread the heirloom... share them with your friends")
  • Only Non-GMO untreated seeds
  • Most seeds are saver-friendly
  • Large selection
  • Prompt customer service

About Florabunda Seeds
Florabunda Seeds is dedicated to preserving old species of flowers and vegetables, many of which are the parents of today's modern hybrids. These are the flowers of English cottage gardens of the past, species such as hollyhocks, cosmos, foxglove, calendula, asters, zinnias, flax and cone flower.

Florabunda Seeds has grown into one of the largest suppliers of Victorian Cottage Flower seeds.

Florabunda Seeds has grown into one of the largest suppliers of Victorian Cottage Cottage Garden Flower Seeds.Cottage garden seeds were salvaged from abbeys and monasteries in England in the middle ages. Others were brought back to Britain by plantsmen who were sent out on plant-hunting expeditions around the world.

Modern planting breeding and hybridization have turned the public's eye away from many of our precious heirloom flowers, including the original species and the old, named heirloom varieties.

By preserving and circulating these seeds, we help maintain a strong genetic plant base, thus ensuring their survival.

Our flower and vegetable seeds have a long and colourful history. In planting Florabunda seeds, you play a part in not only continuing the history of heirloom seeds, but of adding to the history with your own gardening stories.

Things you should know about Florabunda Seeds:
  • Tiger Paw AsterWe are a family owned business.
  • Safe Seed Pledge: We pledge that we do not knowingly sell genetically engineered seeds.
  • Our Guarantee: All seed is untreated and non-GMO. Our seeds are fresh and you should expect a bountiful yield, given the proper growing conditions.
  • Our Packaging: The seed quantity in each package is generous. Sowing instructions and hints are found on the back of the package. We package varieties with small seeds in glassine envelopes that are placed inside the larger paper seed envelope.
  • Although we are based in Ontario, our seeds go across Canada so we have chosen varieties which will thrive in a wide diversity of climates. Learn more about climate zones.

Request a Catalogue:

Request your free copy by phone, fax, mail or email.
(705) 295-6440 (TEL) | (705) 295-4035 (FAX) | contact@florabundaseeds.com
By mail: PO Box 38 Keene, ON K0L 2G0

You may also download a free copy here (1.5 mb .pdf file)

Annuals, Biennials and Perennials

Annuals are plants which complete their life cycle, flowering and going to seed in their first year. They have the longest bloom season.

Biennials grow strong plants in their first season which bloom in their second season and self-seed, then die providing their own replacements for the next year. They are self perpetuating.

Perennials' leaves die back in winter and renew growth each spring. Some bloom first year from seed and others start in their second year. They often live for decades. Bloom time is generally shorter.

We want you to have a successful and enjoyable experience with the seed we supply. Suggestions, photos, stories and seed samples are welcome. (We will exchange seeds with you if you send us some!)

"The love of gardening is
a seed that once sown never dies"

Gertrude Jekyll, English plantswoman.

"Earth laughs in flowers"
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hamatraya 1847

"The smell of violets, hidden in the green
Pour'd back into my empty soul and frame
The times when I remembered to have
been Joyful and free from blame."

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Earth Rangers custom seed packetIS A SPECIAL EVENT IN YOUR FUTURE?

Florabunda Seeds can supply you with seed packets and custom labels to use as favours. This Thoughtful gift will bloom yearly and your guests will have an annual reminder of the special event. Please call or email us to discuss your event and we'll be happy to advise you on appropriate seeds, custom packaging and costs. We now offer Seed Favours For Special Events - learn more here.


If you're rallying the troops in a fund raising drive then put Florabunda Seeds on your team. Seeds have proven to be a popular sales item in fund-raising drives for such organizations as: choirs, schools, churches, horticultural societies, scouting groups, clubs and associations.

Because of their low price point, environmentally friendly nature, low shipping costs and ease of storage they invariably prove to be overwhelming favourites of fund-raisers everywhere. Please call or email us to discuss your fundraiser and we'll be happy to advise you on appropriate seeds, custom packaging and costs. Learn more about FundRaisers here.

Members of:
Seeds of Diversity Canada
Canadian Organic Growers
Peterborough Horticultural Society

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