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About Our Seeds


We pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds.

Annuals are plants which complete their life cycle, flowering and going to seed in their 1st year. They have the longest bloom season.

Biennials grow strong plants in their 1st season which bloom in their 2nd season and self-seed, then die providing their own replacements for the next year. Selfperpetuating. Perennials’ leaves die back in winter and renew growth each spring. Some bloom 1st yr. from seed and others start in their 2nd yr. They often live for decades. Bloom time is generally shorter.

Although we are based in Ontario, our seeds go to many countries and so we have chosen varieties which will thrive in a wide diversity of climates. Annuals generally do not require zoning but rather have cultural requirements, which you will see with the listings. Perennials will have their zones indicated as a guide. We welcome any input on your findings. Zones go as follows, indicating lowest temperature in winter:

conversion chart bookmark
Click here to view a map of climate zones.

Conversion Chart Bookmark
The measurement and temperature conversion charts on the back of our bookmarks received such positive feedback - we thought it only fitting to add them to our website. Download your printable copy here in pdf format.

We have come to learn that in many parts of North America butterflies are disappearing at an increasing rate, greatly due to habitat destruction and lack of food sources. When making your seed selections, please take note of this symbol. There are so many other winged and feathered creatures that we can invite into our gardens, giving us the pleasure of their company and giving them the food for their survival. Please let us know of your experiences and feel free to recommend other flowers with pleasing characteristics. We’ll consider including them in our stock.

Done in the early evening, a glass of your favourite beverage in one hand and snippers in the other, a round of deadheading in the garden can actually be a pleasant chore. A chance to admire your fine work, removing spent blooms as you go. Not only will it keep your plants looking fresh, it also prevents them from running to seed, a signal to the plant that it can finish flowering. In many flowering plants deadheading will prolong both bloom time and quantity of blooms. A worthwhile task indeed.

Florabunda Seeds guarantees that within 1-3 days of receiving your order, it will be filled and mailed to you first class. (Except after the initial influx following our big mail-out in January. Those orders can take up to a week. If you are in a rush as early as January, please indicate it on your envelope.)

We respect your privacy and we do not sell or lend our mailing list to anyone.

All seed is untreated. Our seeds are fresh and you should expect good germination and a bountiful yield, given the right growing conditions. As is customary in the trade, though, we need to let you know that we will not be held responsible for any losses which might occur in the event of a crop failure. Our warranty is limited to replacing your seed or substituting for another variety.

Store seeds away from heat and moisture, in a dark, cool place.

Any returns must be authorized by Florabunda Seeds and must be returned prepaid. A refund will be issued upon receipt of seeds in unopened, undamaged packets.

Some foreign orders may require a physosanitary certificate. A surcharge is made to orders requiring a certificate.

Please note that unless stated that a plant is edible, it is advisable to research it before doing so. Many plants and seeds are toxic, so please be careful.

We keep ample quantities of seed on hand. In the event that we run out of a variety, we will either substitute with what you indicate on the order form or give credit.

ANY PROBLEMS? If you had any troubles germinating our seeds last year please let me know when you send in this year’s order. (You may also fax us at 705-295- 4035) We try not to carry flowers that are difficult to grow from seed. Our hope is for you to experience success and joy with your gardening ventures.

Thank you for choosing Florabunda Seeds. We are growing and are glad to have you as our growing partner! Your letters, stories, suggestions and photos are a joy to receive

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Seeds of Diversity Canada
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Peterborough Horticultural Society

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