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Dianne - from Victoria, BC - (2022 feedback) "Our local gardening writer recommended your site as a great resource for heirloom seeds.  She was correct.  I appreaciate your hard work in continuing to make so many wonderful seeds available."

Cynthia C. from Montreal, QC - (2022 feedback) "It seems you are the only Canadian source for Persicaria! I appreciate your selection that is quite different from other companies."

Fretter from Keene, ON - (2022 feedback) "Always good results"

Linda from Erin, ON - (2022 feedback) "I loved the seeds I got from you in 2021, especially the grey and danish flag poppies that I've never seen before and had great results with.  I managed to grow only one vegetable sponge/loofa last year (blaming squirrels/rabbits for that), but am replenishing seeds to try again with high hopes of a larger crop in 2022.  Thank you for offering such unique seeds along with background stories of their past history. This allows me to play a small part in promoting the continuance of these varieties for future gardens."

Jason C. from Bancroft, ON - (2022 feedback) "Seed always has very good germ, even in cold, undesirable conditions after planting we have had very good emergence and success.  Poppies especially, even Datura sprouted outdoors and bloomed which was surprising.  Thanks, Janson"

Carol L. from Ottawa, ON - (2021 email feedback) "Last year was our first year of "gardening with a purpose." We did a bit of planning and ordered heirloom seeds from your company and were impressed by the results. Lots of healthy plants grew yielding a good crop.  The taste of the vegetables was far above our expectation.  A tomato that, well, tastes what a tomato should taste like!"

Jenny G. from Mont Tremblant, QC - (2021 feedback) " Such a delight to find the flowers from long ago.  Looking forward to growing them again."

Thomas B. from Caledon, On - (2021 feedback) "Really enjoyed the vegetables from seeds I got a few years ago so now I am ordering seeds for flowers as well to give the garden more of a cottage feel."

Sweetpea's from Manitouwadge, On - (2021 feedback) " Great germination rate, good seed quality, thank you."

Inge D. from Schomberg, On - (2021 feedback) "I enjoyed reading about the items that I had in mind and I choose my vegetable seeds based on that. Very good information."

Eva P. from Riviere-a-Claude, QC - (2021 feedback) " Beautiful, frangrant plants and flowers - Quality products."

Janet S. from Toronto, On - (2021 feedback) "Great website - easy to navigate and lots of choice even during the pandemic! My first time ordering from your company.  Your company is also listed in The Toronto Gardner's Journal which was helpful."

Virginia from Barrie, ON - (2021 feedback) " Website is easy to use. thank you." 

Helen M from Oshawa, ON - (2021 feedback) " Good seed variety."

Janis S. from Brantford, ON - (2021 feedback) " I purchased some seeds at a show in Toronto a few years agao I planted my castor bean seeds last summer and they were amazing to say the least. Everyone was so impressed I had to get some more this year. I also purchased a few more to give as gifts."

Robert B. form Edmonton, AB - (2020 feedback from order) "excellent & interesting selection"

HDL for Calgary, AB - (2020 feedback with order) "Thank you for offering the abutilon seeds, it's surprisingly hard to find good quality seeds for this species!"

Debra from Schomberg, ON - (2020 feed back with order) "I am PROFOUNDLY delighted to find a source for rare and specialized seeds right her in Ontario! Thank you so much FLORABUNDA SEEDS for preserving these heritage botanical treasures."

Cathy C. from Vancouver, BC - (2020 feedback with order) "An intriguing selection. I want to plant more native plants, but I still like checking out unusual varieties, so yuour site has a little of everything"

Rebecca B. from Manitouwadge, ON - (2020 feedback with order) "I love that I can find unique and harder-to-find seeds, as heirlooms, in Ontario that aren't cheap imports.  Happy with the website as well, easy to browse." 

Nora M. from Peterborough, ON - (2020 feedback) "I would love a hard copy of your catalogue! The seeds I planted last summer were very successful and I appreciate your great customer service."

Dianne O. from Acton, On - (2020 feedback) "Last summer I found a package of Chiogga beets that had been stored for several years.  We planted them and they were delicious!" 

HDL from Calgary, AB - (2020 feedback) "Thank you for offering the abutilon seeds, it's surprisingly hard to find good quality seeds for this species!" 

Alison C. from Peterborough, On - (2020 online feedback) "Looking forward to including plants from your beautiful collection in my gardens.  They will also be great fodder for home schooling."

Henry, W. from Thunder Bay, ON - (2020 feedback) "I could not believe those cucumbers (Northern pickling) last year, they were a prolific producer, and the Brittle wax beans excellent." "The Brittle beans were slim and not as fibrous as yellow wax beans and the cukes just could not stop producing.  So thank you."

Lianne, H. from Ashton, ON - (2020 online feedback) "You once attended a garden show in Kanata, Ontario, quite a few years ago.  I purchased blue flax from you and it has by far been my favourite perennial in my gardens ever since.  An abundance of vibrant blue flowers that bounce in the wind....stunning! Self seeding beauties that provide dozens of new plants each year.  Easy to grow, maintain, and replant.  The quality and quantity of the seeds you sell are the best I have purchased so of course I couldn't resist purchasing a few more perennials this year.  As an avid gardener I thank you!"

Joan from Cavan, ON - (2019 online feedback) "Thanks for all your suggestions.  Looking forward to growing lots of annuals in 2020 & the remainder of 2019."

Yukie from Toronto, ON - (2019 online feedback) "Thank you for the great selection! Love getting seeds from you guys!"

Sarah from Courtice, ON - (2019 online feedback) "Florabunda Seeds is a great place to buy all of your gardening needs! I really enjoy browsing through your online catalogue expecially when the weather outside is dreary." 

Ken from Gravenhurst, ON - (2019 online feedback) "We were looking for Pre 1890 Heritage Vegetable Seeds to plant in our 1890 National Historical Site here in Gravenhurst.  We found what we were looking for.  Thank you"

Philip from Severn, ON - (2019 online feedback) "Great website and a wonderful selection of seeds.  Thank you."

Mathew from Kelowna, BC - (2019 online feedback) "Very Happy with what I have purchased so far.  Customer service is very good.  Thanks"

Katrina from Spruce Grove, AB - (2019 online feedback) "I found you guys as you are the only people to carry Lychnis Rose Campion seeds.  Been looking for a while now."

Carrie from Exeter, ON - (2019 online feedback) " So, so happy to have found you, and you're just up the road (sort of)! Thanks so much for having such a delightful and wonderfully curated selection of seeds, and especially for having ones that are a little off the beaten path, which is exactly what I was looking for!! This certainly took the chill off this wickedly winter weather, thanks so much for that and all the best."

Linda from Cochrane, ON - (2018 online feedback) "Have shopped here before" "Florabunda Seeds is the only seed company that I have found that carries the short Jubilee Gem Bachelors Buttons"

From NL - (2018 online feedback) "User-friendly website. Excellent variety."

Jessica from Brampton, ON - (2018 online feedback) "When everyone stops to comment on my wild cottage garden in the middle of the (very safe lawn and shrub only) suburbs I get to boast that a lot of my plants are grown from seed, that they are heritage seeds, local, GMO free?and were really easy to grow. The cosmos and sweet peas always slows people down on the sidewalk, and the more unusual varieties are conversation starters. Thanks for finding older varieties that my pollinators love, too!"

Pierre from Vancouver, BC - (2018 online feedback) "Thank you for your ever excellent service and quality seeds. Very good selection of seeds, some of them not very common or easy to get."

Nancy from Haileybury, ON - (online feedback) "Found your site online and was impressed with your wide selection of heirloom plants. I look forward to planting the seeds in my gardens."

Sunbeam Flowers, Campbell River, BC - (online feedback 2018) "I am a pervious customer" "I am very pleased with the great results from all my Florabunda seeds! I have a small flower business creating unique floral bouquets with flowers from my home garden. My third year after planting Florabunda seeds was a huge success with most of my annuals reseeding and creating an amazing show. I am starting all over with a new garden and new location and can't wait to get my Florabunda seeds started! Thank you for great choices and great quality seeds! The quality of the flowers from your seed are far superior to any other seeds I planted! Thank you"

Laura from Scarborough, ON - (online feedback 2018) "Thanks so much! Really looking forward to all the wonderful seeds - I love all the variety you offer, was a lovely shopping experience going through all of your offerings Excited for the seeds!!" " I am very happy to have found your site and look forward to buying my seeds from you again and again. "

Lynn Woodcroft from Buckhorn Ontario (2017 feedback) e-mailed - "I recently purchased seed packets from Florabunda Seeds with my company logo printed on them. I researched companies before I decided on placing the orders and learned they use heritage seeds and are a local company. These were 2 very important factors to me. They designed a very nice envelope for me and had them ready in a timely matter. I got a very good response from the people who received them. They were a hit. Great service. I will definitely use this company again."

Y.H from Toronto, ON (re: 2017 order) e-mailed - ?Just wanted to say 'Thank you' for the complimentary seed packet for my recent purchase. I didn't expect anything like this so I'm surprised and very pleased! Also appreciate your fast handling and shipment.?

Phil from Kingston, On - (2017 feedback) - ?Terrific web page, very user friendly!?

Jen from Rodney, ON (with her 2017 order) - ?Thank you for providing such a great variety of seeds. Can't wait to get them started!?

Roger, from Montreal Quebec (sent in with his order) ? ?Been following for a few years now. Return customer. Glad to see that you?re still around. More and more interest in natives so you are a great source for seed. Never disappointed.?

Kelty @ Caroline Playschool, Alberta ? ?Thank you so much for allowing our playschool to use your company for our fundraiser. I believe it was a huge success. With any luck the play school will continue with this fundraiser for years to come. We really enjoyed this fundraiser and again thank you for letting us sell your seeds.?

Happy Customer, Wolfe Island, ON - "Thanks so much! We've always found your seeds to be of generous quantity and have high germination rates. When I make up my garden list each year, Florabunda Seeds is my first choice for buying seeds and I only wish you had more selection of vegetables so that I could purchase all of our seeds from you. We'll continue to recommend you to our friends and look forward to another year of gardening. Keep up the good work!"

Jessica from Ancaster, ON - e-mailed with her order: "You guys rock!" "Love you guys! Thanks for the years of awesome selection and service."

Christel from Winnipeg, MB - e-mailed with her order: "While searching Wild Lupins seeds sold in Canada, your website was the first to come up. I found those seeds and many more, like the Black Poppy which I've never seen or heard of before. Can't wait to try growing all the flowers and vegetables I bought!"

Karen from Toronto, ON - e-mailed with her order: "I missed Canada Blooms this year?and so I missed your Sweet Pea seeds. Happy to order them from you."

Lisa, Almonte, ON "As an avid gardener from England, I was so excited to find some unusual varieties of seeds that you don't find in the stores and looking forward to adding to my wildflower meadow this year."

Charlene, Niagara Falls, ON: "I bought some seeds from you at the 2014 Canada Blooms in Toronto and was very pleased with the flowers that resulted. The Jasmine Tobacco was amazing! I planted it beside my porch and enjoyed the scent on summer evenings." " I also really enjoyed the Moon Gleam Nasturtiums, Envy Zinnias and Florabunda Poppy Mix."

Rita, Cobourg, ON: "The Heavenly Blue Morning Glories were incredible in 2014, as well as Jasmine Tobacco and Four O'Clocks. All bloomed, up until a hard frost."

Ruth from Peterborough - e-mailed: "I love your seed packages. Planted Songbird and Butterfly mixes this summer and enjoyed my first summer of continuous cut flowers to fill my vases in the house. Still cutting in September. I mixed in some marigolds and black eyed susans in this flower arrangement. Love the beauty and ease of your mixed flower collections!"

Kathy from NB - e-mailed: "I love your seeds and receive so many compliments on your flowers."

M. - noted with 2014 order: "Your seeds are wonderful, Thank You"

Mike from ON - sent message with pictures: "Thank you for the seeds we really enjoy watching them flower"

Catherine from New Zealand - e-mailed: "I am really impressed with the performance of the woodruff, flowering from late spring, successively sown & then still doing well in to the summer heat. I have shown my friends the blue woodruff, have collected seed from my first plants & will now be sharing some with a number of my New Zealand gardening friends. Thanks so much, once again."

Jeff from Windsor, ON ? emailed: ? Thank you so much for your order confirmation. It means a lot to consumers to know that someone on the other end of a transaction has filled an order and acknowledges it. You have moved way up on my seed house list. Way up.?

Kim from Peterborough County ON ? emailed: ? For over ten years our family has been experimenting and growing a variety of vegetables in our vegie garden. We believe in organic gardening, no herbicides or pesticides. We have used many different brands of seeds over the years, but we were never entirely pleased with the end result. We wanted to find seeds that would yield more produce, resistant to insects and be able to handle the fluctuation in climate. We were introduced to Florabunda seeds a few years back and have been extremely pleased with the overall results. The plants yield at least 30% more produce then the seeds we have used in the past and the plants are considerably heartier then any of the other seeds we have grown before.?

Mrs. Smith - from Manitoba - wrote:
"I love your seeds. They grow and thrive and make gardening easy."

Rita - from Ontario - wrote:
"The gardens did fabulous this summer, despite the water shortage. The annuals, cosmo, calendula, 4 o'clocks, lavatera and California Poppies in my front garden are a traffic stopper. I dislike the thought of Jack Frost getting them, but know, there's always next year to begin anew."

Chris - from Ontario - e-mailed:
"I LOVE ordering my seeds from Florabunda. You have a great selection of seeds, and I love experimenting each year by trying something new."

Sonia - from Quebec - e-mailed:
"I wanted to thank you for your great service. I have received my order so quickly! Thanks also for the gardening wishes, it adds a pleasant personal touch to your mailing. I also wanted to let you know that last year, I tried your white Peony poppies, and they were simply gorgeous! I have saved the seeds and this year, I will plant them again with the black ones I ordered. I just can't wait to see these beautiful blooms again! Thank you for saving these seeds for us to discover :o)"

Gloria - from British Columbia - e-mailed:
"Sincere thanks for your prompt response to my request for a catalogue. If this is your general customer service then you've got my vote and more than likely my business."

Joan = from Nova Scotia - wrote:
"I must say that the seeds I got from you last year performed splendidly, well beyond my hopes and expectations. Some plants kept going until November 30th, especially the calendula "Orange King" and the "Red Legion" poppies some of which I transplanted, against all sense, in early July, nonetheless, they obliged and flourished. I enclose, happily, my order for this spring"

Ken - from - New Brunswick - wrote:
"I was so happy to see that Florabunda Seeds has included a nice variety of vegetable seeds to your lineup. I look forward to watching as you add more over time. Thank you for helping put great food on our table."




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